The conference made for confectioners

If you are planning your New Year´s Resolutions, we have a perfect and great event to write down on your agenda as soon as possible!

The National Confectioners Association has announced its 2018 State of the Industry Conference edition, which will be held from March 4th thru March 6th, 2018. This conference is a must attend for every candy maker who wants to strengthen their business relationships in the industry.

The state of the market, the state of the candy consumption and the state of the retail landscape are some of the main points that will be spoken of during this huge conference. Another principal highlight in the event that will be very much useful to all of the confectioners that want to improve their business during this changing period in the industry will be, ¨Advices on how to turn business limitations into innovative advantages.¨

This is the best way to start your next year with a complete panoramic view of what is coming in the future and how to face it successfully!

Visit https://www.candyusa.com/events/2018SOTIC/ and get the complete information.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events in the next months, 2018 seems to be a year full of great opportunities in the industry.

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