The coming trends: 2018

These are the trends that will take over the confectionery industry in 2018 and that are worth watching out for so you can keep following the market rhythm during this year.

If we take a look back to old articles from 2017, we will notice that one of the greatest trends for this year had been coming for quite a long time:


Caring about health and more- conscious habits have been a common factor in the recent years, and all the industries have witnessed it. For confectioners and retailers, it is important to pay special attention to this point, because the sales growth for your brand will depend on it.

Remember that nowadays it is better to create products in small portions and sugar free; the healthier the better.

Made for sharing.

Now, our consumers are looking beyond the product, they want a bonus experience and it is our responsibility to give it to them.

Those products that have festive motive packages or gift editions will have better results; since consumers like to share and give away treats, a limited edition package would work great, because consumers prefer quality over quantity and are looking for premium confectionery gifts, according to what Chris Noel, sales director from Divine Chocolate said on

At last, the “Kidulting”

This trend is mentioned by Levi Boorer on the same website, customer developer director at Ferrero, who uses this term to describe the growing practice by adults to relieve their childhood through snacks and sweets. The kidulting is directly related to longing, especially for millennials, the new economic force.

However, let’s see what we will face in the next months and how the industry will evolve.

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