Dulces Mara in the biggest expos around the world

Dulces Mara is always looking forward to continue boosting its growth all around the world, so we are ready to attend to 2 of the most important international expos for the confectionery industry in the next months, the “Sweets & Snacks” in Chicago, and the ISM expo in Cologne, Germany.

The first one, Sweets & Snacks, this May 22- 24, it will celebrate its 21st expo edition which was sold out in the shortest time of all its show’s history, according to NCA information. This year, more than 800 exhibitors will attend the event (and others more are in the waiting list) and more than 18,000 registrants from 90 different countries will be looking for the latest product releases and best flavors in the industry, so if you are planning to assist we recommend you to register as soon as possible!

The Sweets & Snacks expo will offer more than 20 data- driven learning lessons, so attendees will know pre trends, retailing related news, state of the market updates and much more. Also, the expo will introduce 45 new product awards to evaluate new items in 9 different segments of the industry.

This expo is the best place to find solutions, innovative products and flavors, new packaging and retailing technologies and the opportunity to connect with new markets and consumers.

The second, the ISM expo, is held in Cologne, Germany! This expo is the nearest to come, this January 28- 31, and it is the world’s leading expo for the confectioners and all the professionals of the industry.

If you are looking for strategic networking and are trying to get all the needed insights for an accurate future planning, this is the perfect expo to assist to. In addition, this event is perfect to introduce your brand and products into the European market and to contact with international media channels. Sounds good, right? Visit http://www.ism-cologne.com/ISM/for-exhibitors/index.php and find much more details. See you there!

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